Tooth Whitening Double Bay

For a brighter, whiter smile.

Many of us desire whiter, brighter teeth. Unfortunately common everyday habits such as drinking coffee, tea or red wine can stain your teeth. Smoking and eating certain foods can also contribute to tooth discolouration.

In-Surgery Whitening with Smartbleach®

For the most effective whitening results, we offer in-surgery whitening using our Smartbleach® machine. Smartbleach is a unique treatment that is unlike any other, using the power of Photo-Dynamic Green Light to create a treatment that is highly effective yet gentle on the tooth enamel. The smartbleach 3LT (one of the few advanced whitening systems of this kind In NSW) has less sensitivity than other bleaching systems and gives immediate results.

Treatment time takes just one hour and does not require home bleaching trays to maintain the results. To learn more about Smartbleach whitening, read more here or contact us today on (02) 9327 6162.

At Home Whitening

At home whitening is a convenient way to keep your smile bright in the comfort of your own home. Using personalised whitening trays that are similar to mouthguards, you will be provided with a whitening gel that you can apply and wear at any time of the day that suits you.

At Cooper Street Dental, we currently have a special offer on Home Bleaching for only $300 (normally $450). Click here for more information or contact us on (02) 9327 6162 to book your next appointment.