Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the most important thing you can do for your teeth and gums.

Healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feel good, they are also important in achieving and maintaining overall well-being and vitality.

Regular oral hygiene is a crucial element of any dental treatment plan. In order to maintain a beautiful smile, you must look after your teeth and gums on a regular basis.

Remember to:

  • Brush at least twice daily.
  • Floss daily.
  • Replace you toothbrush regularly. (We recommend every 3-4 months)
  • Ensure you keep consistent checkups to our practice.

Maintaining regular dental checkups with our practice is key to preventing any serious diseases from developing. Dr Gnesin or his dedicated oral hygienist will be happy to take care of your oral hygiene needs. General checkups detect any potential problems early, possibly lessening your expenses for serious dental treatment. We recommend that you visit our practice at least every 6 months to ensure you maintain great oral health.

If you think it’s time to visit our practice for a check up, organise your next appointment by calling us on (02) 9327 6162 and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you.

The team at Cooper Street Dental believe in providing high quality preventive dental care to ensure your teeth and mouth are happy and healthy.