Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Clear Aligner Orthodontics represents the latest innovation in orthodontic technology. Utilising a series of transparent, removable aligners that shift your teeth into a straighter position Clear Aligners can give you a straighter smile without the necessity for permanently fixed braces.

Being virtually indistinguishable by the human eye Clear Aligners provide effective orthodontic treatment without attracting the unnecessary attention of others, particularly helpful to those in the public eye, working environment or sensitive children. Further they can be easily removed at any time allowing you to eat, drink and floss without issues unlike traditional braces which require extensive maintenance regimes, specialist flossing and brushing techniques and place great restriction on the food and drink available for day to day consumption. Finally it fits comfortably over the teeth with smooth edges which cause no irritation to the gums or mouth.

A treatment consists of a series of aligners which are changed in approximately two week periods to gradually move the teeth into a straighter alignment. Each aligner is specially manufactures to the exact measurements of your mouth to achieve maximum results. The treatments require a few stages with regular visits to Cooper St Dental every 4 weeks to ensure the progress of the Clear Aligners and to collect your new series of aligners. This will usually continue for one year but may vary from person to person.

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