Teeth discolouration can be affected by many factors over time including your eating habits, drinking coffee or red wine and lifestyle factors such as smoking. Even with a proper oral care routine that includes brushing and flossing, these habits can still stain and discolour your teeth over time.

At Cooper Street Dental we assist patients in gaining back their natural, radiant smile with Laser Whitening using Smartbleach® technology.

Smartbleach® Laser Whitening

The whitening process begins by applying a specially formulated red gel to your teeth that contains hydrogen peroxide. A pure green light is then used to activate the gel, causing the non-acidic, whitening process to occur.

Generally a Smartbleach® whitening session lasts approximately an hour and a half with the whitening results immediately noticeable.

After Whitening

For the first few weeks after whitening it is important to select food and drink carefully. As your teeth become more porous after a whitening procedure, they may retain the stain of certain foods and drinks more easily and we recommend a white, or light coloured diet for at least the first few days after your whitening to ensure the results last as long as possible. In some circumstances, at home teeth bleaching trays may be administered to aid in your teeth whitening results. This will be determined by your dentist at the time of your appointment.

The Benefits of Smartbleach® Laser Whitening

  • Treatment takes approximately an hour and a half and in most cases does not require home bleaching trays to maintain result
  • Treatment gives immediate results that are long lasting
  • Unique treatment that is unlike any other whitening system currently available on the market

To be on your way to gaining back that natural pearly smile contact us today.