Eastern Suburbs
Cosmetic Dentistry

Since people are living longer and retaining more of their natural teeth, dentists are playing a key role in helping patients maintain a healthy, attractive appearance.

The staff at Cooper St Dental are experienced in procedures like whitening and bonding techniques, colour matching, the use of veneers to reshape teeth and enhance their appearance, and the precise fabrication and placement of fixed prostheses such as crowns and bridges to create natural-looking restorations that greatly benefit their patients.

Some popular Cosmetic Dentist procedures:

Dental Hygienist

We have a dedicated dental hygienist who specializes in cleaning teeth and maintaining healthy gums, ensuring your mouth is "happy and healthy"

Facial Anti Wrinkle Injection & Lip Enhancement

Cooper Street Dental now offers Facial Anti Wrinkle Injection & Lip Enhancement

Clear Aligners Special Offer

Complimentary consultations available. Receive 15% off Clear Aligners if you are suitable for treatment.