Tooth Whitening Specials

Smartbleach In-Surgery Whitening - Only $800

Normally $1100.

At Cooper Street Dental, our Smartbleach machine is one of only a few currently in use in Australia. Smartbleach uses a unique whitening system that begins by applying a red gel to your teeth. A pure green light is then used to activate the gel, giving a good and consisten whitening result.

Home Bleaching - Only $300

Normally $450.

Whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home or office is now easier than ever. We will customise a set of personalised whitening trays that you can wear at your most convinient time.

Dental Hygienist

We have a dedicated dental hygienist who specializes in cleaning teeth and maintaining healthy gums, ensuring your mouth is "happy and healthy"

Facial Anti Wrinkle Injection & Lip Enhancement

Cooper Street Dental now offers Facial Anti Wrinkle Injection & Lip Enhancement

Clear Aligners Special Offer

Complimentary consultations available. Receive 15% off Clear Aligners if you are suitable for treatment.